Investor Awareness Program
June 20, 2022
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
MNGL, Pune

Event Gallery - "Investor Awareness Program: MNGL, Pune."

Studies show a direct link between financial stress and physical health, emotional wellbeing, and ultimately, workplace productivity. Stress caused by pay levels or an inadequate level of financial literacy can affect work performance. Money worries impact an employee’s ability to do his or her job, affecting their ability to concentrate and make the right decisions. This can also lead to a significant negative impact on their colleagues & gravely impact the work environment. 

General Information about the Indian Investors Federation:

The IIF is the leading Non – Profit Organization that develops collective thought- leadership to strengthen the financial literacy & financial wellbeing of Indian investors and diaspora at large. by bringing awareness through investment outreach awareness programs and initiating key reforms in the Indian investment landscape through policy recommendations to the government, regulatory bodies, and product providers at large, with a vision to impact 20 Million investors by 2030. We bring together industry leaders, leading voices, and knowledgeable specialists who are known in the fields of financial planning, wealth management, and consulting, to name a few to bring forth best practices in the field of personal finance.

IIF is conducting Employee Financial Wellbeing Program (EFWP), under the aegis of its flagship program – The investor Awareness Program (IAPs) that the federation does for corporates to address their Employees’ financial wellbeing


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