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" INDIAN INVESTORS FEDERATION is the Non-Profit Organisation that develop sustainable solutions to meet the emerging needs of the investor community. Indian Investors Federation (IIF) develops collective thought- leadership to strengthen the investment ecosystem. Indian Investors Federation provides a collective voice and representation on behalf of the investor’s community to the highest levels in financial institutions, regulatory bodies government authorities in India and globally. "

Our Vision

Our Vision

The purpose of the Indian Investors Federation (IIF) is to Engage, Enable, and Empower Indian investors to drive change and shape the local/global investment ecosystem.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Indian Investors Federation (IIF) to be the Number 1 co-create platform for leadership in the domain of Wealth Management of Indian Investors encompassing mentorship for investments, and wealth creation.

Our Mission

Our Objectives

  • To guide, mentor, and create investment opportunities for Indian investors locally/globally.
  • To generate awareness among investors via Investment Awareness Programs.
  • Policy advocacy with Central and State Government, financial institutions, regulators to facilitate the growth of the financial sector.
  • Act as an enabler for all stakeholders.
  • To promote opportunities for affiliations, partnerships, and joint ventures for investment.
  • To organize investment awareness camps, sessions, conferences, and exhibitions to sensitize the general public about investment opportunities.
  • To organize investment awareness sessions, conferences, seminars, webinars, or any other mode of broadcasting.
  • To organize trade delegations – inbound and outbound – for cooperation and collaborations for investments.
  • To frame programs about Financial Literacy for investors.
  • Provides research and publications about the financial sector.


  • Investors
  • Financial Institutions
  • Regulatory Bodies (SEBI, RBI, PFRDA, AMFI, IRDA etc.)
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Invest India
  • State Investment Boards
  • Foreign Investment Agencies
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Investment Advisors
  • Central & State Government.

Policy & Research

Indian Investor Federation is actively involved in the Policy & Research in the field of Investment and Wealth Management, thus impacting lives of millions of investors.

Indian Investor Federation, in association with leading academicians, thinkers, fund managers and other stakeholders in the investing landscape undertake research and / or presentb their works and ideas that have the potential to bring immense benefit to the investor community and their broader welfare.

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