Why Global Investing – Indian Investors Federation is the leading Non – Profit Organization that develops collective thought- leadership to strengthen the investment ecosystem in India. The Federation’s purpose is to Engage, Enable and Empower Indian investors and be an instrument to bring change and shape Indian investment ecosystem; by addressing key challenges, bring awareness through investment outreach awareness programs and initiate key reforms in the Indian investment landscape through policy recommendations to the government, regulatory bodies and product providers at large, with a vision to impact 20 Million investors by 2030.

The Webinar “Global Investing “was organized on March, 12th ,2021 from 6pm to 8pm under the guidance of Mr. Daleep Sharma (Director General -Indian Investors Federation).

In this video, Mr. Ritesh Jain (Trend watcher, Global Macro Investor, Former CIO, Blogger) speaks on the reasons why a person has to diversify his portfolio globally and why he must not solely rely upon domestic investment avenues for diversification when asked by Mr. Rajat Dhar (Director Investments -Indian Investors Federation).

In reply to this, Mr. Jain took us through the various reasons to go global investment like How fixed-income rates have gradually fallen from 11-12% to 4-5% nowadays. How fixed returns are fighting against inflation to generate any real return for an investor. He also took us the era of domestic currency depreciation in which average depreciation for a year is 3 %. Surprisingly, but the Indian currency have depreciated 50 % in last 15 years. In simple words, your cost of foreign education has doubled in last 15 years! Amazing, isn’t?

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