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Primary market is also known as New issue securities market. As the name justifies, it’s a place where that securities are issued or introduced for the first time. Here, the various corporate entities can raise money through issuance of new securities by various methods. 

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Initial public offer (IPO) :

When a company wishes to raise capital from the general public & institutions by way of diluting its stake of ownership, the process  is known as Initial Public Offer, as it is launched for the first time for the general public. Recently, we have see the spectacular response to the IPOs of companies such as IRCTC, where in the shares upon listing jumped to the historic unseen levels. These have always been the favourite choice of retail investors

Upcoming IPOs

Some of the upcoming IPOs are as under:

  • Nureca IPO:      100 Cr.  |  15-17 Feb
  • RailTel IPO:      700 Cr.  |  Feb 2021
  • HDB Financial: 2021

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